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Survey open Jul 15 - Aug 2, 2024.

Community Design Workshop Summary


May 25th , 2024

‘Ya̱lis (Cormorant Island), BC


Atmospheric Perspective Architecture and Connect Landscape Architecture

Project Goal


Create a ʼNa̱mǥis-centered tourism experience while prioritizing employment and training opportunities for ʼNa̱mǥis members and increase avenues of own-source revenue.


Guiding Principles

a’axsila xan’s a’winakole:

Stewardship of the Land

Self Reliance


Centre ʼNa̱mǥis Culture and Language

Acknowledge the past & Embrace the future



‘Namǥis Presence

Promise to the Nation:

  1. NBDC will invite community partners to contribute ideas and thoughts around the future look and feel of the Cabins property;

  2. NBDC and the design team will work to create a project vision informed by input and feedback from the nation;

  3. NBDC intends to follow up with further public consultation as part of the future project design and construction process.

What We Learned​:

Messaging to convey to visitors:


Guests Never Leave Hungry

ʼNa̱mg̱is world class hospitality


Experience of culture and art


Stewardship and strong relationship to the Land

​What Values should the Cabins project embody?


Making First Nation’s Ownership Evident


Integrate Kwak̓wala Language and culture into the aesthetics of the cabins


Connection to Nature


Inviting and Welcoming

Insights and A-ha Moments


Through the community design workshop on May 25th and our research of past ʼNa̱mg̱is planning and engagement exercises, a number of insights emerged:


  • The Cabins are a great way to support community planning​ done by NFN

  • The possibility to upgrade the Trail Network could be an incredible community asset

  • An opportunity to access the limited or largely inaccessible beach would be welcome

  • There are many ideas of  how to improve site amenities to support longer visits

  • There is a great opportunity for connection to broader ‘Ya̱lis Island Tourism​

  • Views of the Salish Sea from the grounds are breathtaking


Survey Open: Jul 15th - Aug 2nd, 2024

Draw Date: Aug 9th, 2024

We invite you to add your voice to the conversation! Please answer the questions via the link below.

In gratitude for your participation, we will have a prize draw for a $100 Gift Certificate for Gordie’s Restaurant. You must provide your contact information if you would like to participate in a chance to win this prize.

If you have family members who would like to participate, but may have a hard time, we encourage you to use this link to help their voices be heard.

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